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    October 28, 2020
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Meridian Zero is a group of progressive/melodic metal, created in 1995 under the name of Hellraiser and it is not until the year 2000 when it happens to have the current name and formation, a consolidated band that has toured all the Canary Islands and the Peninsula.
In 2003 they were part of the Spanish tour of the German band HELLOWEEN, which had the German band RAGE as the opening act, performing in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián and Madrid.
Meridian Zero has shared the stage with great bands from the local Canarian scene, but at the same time with huge national bands such as: MAGO DE OZ, BARRICADA, LEO JIMENEZ, THE BON SCOT BAND, AVULSED, VITA IMANA and OVERDRY
In 2005 they entered "MI SUEÑO" studios of Andi Deris, vocalist of the aforementioned band, HELLOWEEN, where they recorded their album, DOORS OF CREATION, which was released on September 3, 2007.
In 2008 Meridian Zero won the prestigious Villa de Bilbao international competition, also known as BILBOROCK, being the first and only Canarian band to do so.
First Prize for the best metal band
First Prize for the best singer, Juanra (metal)

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June 12, 2021 - 16:00
June 13, 2021 - 2:00


Casa del Emprendedor
Los Realejos


Doors of Creation
A New Beginning

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12 to 13 June 2021 - Casa del Emprendedor, Los Realejos

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Bass guitar & keyboard


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  • Nov 27, 2020

    Planet Caravan

    Our itinerant sound caravan made a stop at the home of the veteran band Meridian Zero, which has some changes in its formation and that "gave" us the interpretation of the set of the songs of their new album "A new beginning" that is receiving such a good acceptance. Thank you very much for the welcome and for making us participate in the graphic part of the project.

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  • Nov 17, 2020

    New Album Review

    "A New Beginning" stands out for its sound, a quite striking progressive power metal and for being a conceptual story where they deal with the subject of the dignified death and euthanasia, where the protagonist of the EP debates between life and death.

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